Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering – Research

Hydraulic Engineering, Stream Restoration & River Mechanics



The program maintains broad research activities. Specific areas of emphasis are:

  • open channel flow
  • diffusion and sediment transport in open channels
  • mudflows and debris flows
  • sediment yield from watersheds
  • salinity in rivers
  • properties of alluvial bed forms
  • meandering and braiding in rivers
  • stream restoration and rehabilitation
  • multi-scale linkages between sedimentation processes and aquatic biota
  • hydraulic and geomorphic influences on water quality
  • two-phase flow including sediment transport in large rivers
  • studies of spillways
  • energy dissipators
  • diversion structures
  • channel stabilization
  • scour around bridge piers
  • abutment scour
  • sediment ejection and exclusion structures
  • design and operation of water conveyance systems
  • design of stable channels, control of water losses
  • long-term response of river and environmental systems
  • hydrodynamics
  • hydraulic machinery
  • cavitation
  • instrumentation
  • radar and GIS-based surface runoff modeling
  • geosciences