Why Systems Engineering at CSU?

As a student in one of our Systems Engineering programs, you have access to decades of combined faculty experience and will develop in-demand industry skills. 

Flexibility and Convenience

Many of our on-campus courses include synchronous online participation and are recorded and shared on the course web page. This allows more flexibility for both on-campus and online students, as all students have access to archived course sessions. Students may mix in-person with online courses if it works better with their schedules, and all online courses may be completed asynchronously if needed.

Instruction from Expert Faculty

You’ll learn from faculty with a wealth of research and industry knowledge in topics like program management, power systems, optimization, and other areas of application for systems thinking.

Peers have Extensive Industry Experience

Your classmates come from a variety of industries that utilize Systems Engineering, and many have at least 5 years of experience before coming back for an advanced degree. This allows for richer peer-to-peer and classroom interactions.

Training to Meet Workplace Demands

Our programs were developed in collaboration with industry professionals and government leaders, which means our degrees equip graduates with the skills and knowledge employers want.