Kamran Shahroudi

Professor, Systems Engineering Department
Specialization: System Architecture, Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization

Kamran Eftekhari Shahroudi received his BTech (1988, Loughborough University, UK), MSAE (1989, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), Sc.M (2008, MIT, Cambridge), PhD (1994, Delft, Netherlands) and postdoc(1997, CWI, Amsterdam) . Since 1997, he has played the roles of Senior Technical Consultant, Lead Controls & Dynamics Analyst, Program Manager, Senior Engineering Manager and Principal Systems Engineer in Industrial Control, Corporate andAirframe Systems divisions at Woodward, Inc. In 2008, Kamran became a member of the initial academic committee tasked with understanding the systems engineering needs of 40 companies in northern Colorado, prior to the official start of the CSU-SE program.

Within the context of complex engineering systems, his current R&D interests include:

  • Advanced robust control
  • Integration of System Engineering with Program Management
  • Model-based system thinking and collaboration
  • Multidisciplinary system design optimization
  • Modeling dynamics of complex engineering (including socio-technical) systems
  • Hydraulic vs. Electric trade-offs in aircraft primary flight control and thrust reverser actuation systems
  • Run time detection of slow and fast anomalies
  • UAV-based wildfire detection and monitoring