Jim Adams


Assistant Professor, Systems Engineering Department
Specialization: Satellite Systems

Dr. Adams has 18 years of systems engineering experience in Department of Defense, satellite and aircraft systems, and, industry-leading, in-process, diameter and thickness gauging systems. He is a Systems Engineer with Lockheed Martin Corporation working in the Boulder facility on the ground segment of the Space Based Infra-Red Satellite (SBIRS) system. Dr. Adams has a diverse set of systems engineering experiences including as the customer for major satellite systems components, as the manager of a systems engineering team constrained by cost and schedule limits, as an associate chief engineer for a major segment supplier, and as the global, in-field, sales and engineering representative of niche measurement systems. Dr. Adams’ career is characterized as bringing together diverse customer needs into consolidated product requirements, and confirming satisfaction of the delivered capabilities.

Dr. Adams is a member of IEEE, INCOSE, and, a lifetime member of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Society, the Air Force Association, the American Legion and the Handyman Club of America. Dr. Adams received a BSEE degree from Michigan Technological Univeristy, MSEE degree from the Air Force Institute of Technology, and a PhD in Engineering from Wright State University.