Vincent "Vinnie" Paglioni stands outside under leafy trees.



Vincent “Vinnie” Paglioni

Assistant Professor of Systems Engineering

Dr. Vincent “Vinnie” Paglioni’s research is focused on the risk and reliability of complex engineering systems with human involvement. His work seeks to understand human-machine teaming and the risks involved with human operators in complex systems, and ultimately to improve the safety and reliability of critical systems (e.g., energy, transportation, defense).

Dr. Paglioni’s research views the human and machine elements of a system as working symbiotically to complete high-level objectives, which may fail in a variety of manners that must be accounted for in a robust model of system risk. His work focuses on conceptualizing and modeling systems with causal Bayesian networks to visualize and quantify the relationships between risk contributors and objectives/tasks. Much of his work is focused on nuclear power operations, although the principles developed are broadly applicable to many complex engineering systems.

His background is in nuclear and radiological engineering, reliability engineering, and human reliability analysis.


Ph.D. 2023, University of Maryland, Reliability Engineering

M.S., 2022, University of Maryland, Reliability Engineering

B.S., 2017, Georgia Institute of Technology, Nuclear & Radiological Engineering


Research Interests

  • Human Factors
  • Risk and Reliability Analysis
  • Nuclear Safety 
  • Energy Systems
  • Causal Bayesian Networks