Virtual Celebration of Fall 2020 Graduates

Congratulations to our Fall 2020 Graduates!

A message from Department Head Tom Bradley

On behalf of all members of the Department of Systems Engineering at Colorado State University, it is my pleasure to offer congratulations to the Fall graduates.   

Under any normal circumstances, we would be together, shaking hands, congratulating your family, and celebrating your successes as you move through this important milestone. Circumstances being what they are though, I can communicate how very excited I am that you have succeeded in this proud accomplishment.

Engaging in graduate education is one of the most important investments that you will make in your own intellect, skills, and personal growth, and you will reap the benefits of your efforts at the University in many domains and for many years to come.   

Please take this opportunity to relish these successes that you have earned through your personal effort, support from your family and friends, and the guidance of your teachers and advisors.   

Again, congratulations to you and to those who supported you along the way. I invite you all to our Spring 2021 commencement ceremonies (which are optimistically planned to be in-person(!)), in the hope that we might be able to celebrate your current accomplishments and those to come.   

Stay safe and keep in touch. 

Thank you, 

Tom Bradley

Master of Engineering (M.E.)

Mark Anderson

Matthew Bigelow

Matthew Garcia

Drew Morin

Tyler Moudy

Chris Mundt

Rebecca Trott

Susan Weiner

Craig “Ike” Zeitler

Master of Science (M.S.)

Josh Gillham

Jen Huwe

Harshwardhan Ketkale

Julie Roberts

John Sternitzky

Duy Van

Ed Urrutia

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Ray Jonkers

Clive Sugama

Joshua Walker

Matthew Garcia, M.E.

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Plans after graduation: Continue to work at Sandia National Laboratories in the Nuclear Weapons Systems division. This division supports design, development, manufacturing, safety, and testing of our national nuclear stockpile.

Matthew Garcia - Systems Engineering Alumni

Harshwardhan Ketkale, M.S.

Hometown: Kabnoor, Maharashtra, India

Current Residence: Fort Collins, CO

Advisor: Prof. Ann Batchelor

Thesis: Identification and Ranking of Critical Success Practices for Projects and Products 

Plans after graduation: Pursue a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering here at CSU.

Anything else you would like to share? In all, I feel like I have experienced immense learning growth in the Systems Engineering department at CSU and hoping for the same in the future.

Harshwardhan Ketkale- Systems Engineering Alumni

Ray Jonkers, Ph.D.

Hometown: Milford Station, Nova Scotia, Canada

Advisor: Dr. Kamran Eftekhari Shahroudi

Dissertation: Integration of Systems Engineering and Project Management Using a Management Flight Simulator

Plans after graduation: Pursue opportunities in academia.

Favorite memory from my time in the program: Those quiet nights in front of the computer, learning new perspectives outside of my normal work day, great therapy.

Anything else you would like to share? Lifelong learning will keep you young.

Ray Jonkers - Systems Engineering Alumni

Tyler Moudy, M.E.

Hometown: Arkansas

Current residence: Oklahoma City, OK

Plans after graduation: Continuing my work as a software subject matter expert with the U.S. Air Force. 

Favorite class: ENGR 580A5 – Systems Data Visualization and Lifecycle – I loved the class experience! The projects were a lot of fun to work through and felt very applicable to my job.

Anything else you would like to share? I found out I was going to be having my first child about 3 weeks before starting my first class at CSU. My daughter Zibby will be turning 2 this April! I also found out just weeks before finishing, my wife and I are expecting our second child next summer!

Tyler Moudy - Systems Engineering Alumni

Clive Sugama, Ph.D.

Hometown: Charleston, SC

Advisor: Dr. V Chandrasekar

Dissertation: System Engineering for Radio Frequency Communication Consolidation with Parabolic Antenna Stacking

Plans after graduation: Continue working at the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) in Charleston, SC and applying systems engineering concepts and principles.

Favorite memory from my time in the program: Favorite experience at CSU included having my professor Dr. V Chandrasekar motivating me to keep going.

Clive Sugama - Systems Engineering Alumni

Julie Roberts, M.S.

Hometown: Canada

Current residence: Rwanda

Advisor: Professor Dan Zimmerle

Thesis: Systems Engineering of Pay-As-You-Go LPG Gas Service in Rwanda

Plans after graduation: To continue development and rollout of the PAYG LPG model in Rwanda, promoting clean cooking in rural areas. 

Favorite class: ENGR530 was the most challenging course from which I learnt the most!

Anything else you would like to share? Really well designed program for working professionals studying abroad!  Thank you.

Julie Roberts - Systems Engineering Alumni

Susan Weiner, M.E.

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Current residence: Boulder, CO

Plans after graduation: Continue working at Lockheed Martin as a Systems Engineer.

Favorite professor from my time in the program: Steve Simske!

Susan Weiner - Systems Engineering Alumni

Craig "Ike" Zeitler, M.E.

Hometown: Glendale, KY

Plans after graduation: Continue to work as Senior Operations Research Analyst for Officer Management, U.S. Army Human Resources Command.

Favorite memory from my time in the program: Favorite memory is learning so much from not just the instructor, but also classmates.

Craig Zeitler - Systems Engineering Alumni