Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Water Resources Engineering Track

Water Resources Engineering – Master of Engineering (M.E.) Program

Core Courses:

(Choose 2 for at least 6 semester hours)

CIVE 502Fluid Mechanics
CIVE 514Hydraulic Structures/Systems (given currently on alternate years)
CIVE 520Physical Hydrology
CIVE 544Water Resources Planning and Management

Designated Electives:

(Choose 6 for at least 18 semester hours)

CIVE 413Environmental River Mechanics
CIVE 423Groundwater Engineering
CIVE 440Non-point Source Pollution
CIVE 510Applied Hydraulic System Design
CIVE 511Coastal Engineering
CIVE 512Irrigation Design and Management
CIVE 513Morphodynamic Modeling
CIVE 519Irrigation Water Management
CIVE 521Hydrometry
CIVE/WR 524Modeling Watershed Hydrology
CIVE 525Water Engineering: International Development
CIVE 530Environmental Engineering at the Water-Energy-Health Nexus
CIVE 531Groundwater Hydrology
CIVE 538Aqueous Chemistry
CIVE 539Water and Wastewater Analysis
CIVE 541Physical Chemical Water Treatment Processes
CIVE 542Water Quality Modeling
CIVE 549Drainage and Wetlands Engineering
CIVE 571Pipe System Engineering and Hydraulics
CIVE 572Analysis of Urban Water Systems
CIVE 573Urban Stormwater Management
CIVE 576Engineering Applications of GIS and GPS
CIVE 604Fluid Turbulence and Modeling
CIVE 607Computational Fluid Dynamics
CIVE 610Special Topics in Hydraulics
CIVE 612Open-Channel Flow
CIVE 613Stream Rehabilitation Design
CIVE 622Risk Analysis of Water/Environmental Systems
CIVE 625Quantitative Eco-Hydrology
CIVE 631Solutions to Groundwater Problems
CIVE 716Erosion and Sedimentation
CIVE 717River Mechanics
GEOL 652Fluvial Geomorphology

Open Electives:

Choose any 6 credit hours approved by Track Coordinator