Transportation System Engineering


Transportation System Engineerin

Program coordinator:Dr. Suren Chen

A transportation system consists of traffic and critical transportation infrastructures, such as roadways, bridges and tunnels. Such a system interacts with millions of people and the natural and societal environments every day. Safety, security and efficiency of the transportation system are pivotal to both the preservation and quality of life in any modern society. Transportation System Engineering (TSE) program aims at promoting interdisciplinary research and education at CSU through investigating how to develop more resilient transportation infrastructure, maintain safe and smart traffic operation and protect the lives of millions of drivers. The program helps students develop a thorough understanding of transportation infrastructure, environmental impacts on transportation systems, traffic safety and efficiency in system-based perspective. Through integrating transportation-related structural analysis and design, hazard mitigation, traffic safety assessment, management, accident and injury prevention, students gain an in-depth understanding of statistical methods, numerical simulation and experimental techniques. As an interdisciplinary program, TSE tries to break the traditional barriers between structural engineering, transportation engineering, hazard mitigation and infrastructure management by promoting critical thinking and outreach among students, researchers and stakeholders.

Graduate research and projects in TSE include topics such as:

More detailed information about the research activities of TSE can be found at the Center for Sustainable and Intelligent Transportation Systems (CSITS).

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