Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Plan C Irrigation Engineering Track


Plan C Irrigation Engineering Track


Core Courses:

(Choose at least 2 for 6 semester hours)

CIVE 512 Irrigation Systems Design
CIVE 519 Irrigation Water Management
CIVE 549 Drainage and Wetlands Engineering
CIVE 612 Open-Channel Flow


Designated Electives:

(choose 6 for at least 18 semester hours)

CIVE 520 Physical Hydrology
CIVE 521 Hydrometry
CIVE 522 Engineering Hydrology
CIVE 525 Water Engineering for International Development
CIVE 531 Groundwater Engineering
CIVE 532 Wells and Pumps
CIVE 544 Water Resources Planning and Management
CIVE 546 Water Resources Systems Analysis
CIVE 547 Statistics for Environmental Monitoring
CIVE 571 Pipe System Engineering and Hydraulics
CIVE 576 Engineering Applications of GIS/GPS
CIVE 577 GIS in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CIVE 625 Quantitative Eco
CIVE 631 Solutions to Groundwater Problems
CIVE 681A1 Systems for Developing Groundwater Resources
AGRI 500 Advanced Issues in Agriculture
ENGR 520 Engineering Decision Support/Expert Systems
NSCI 696 Group Study: The Habitable Planet: a Systems Approach to Environmental Science
SOCR 470 Soil Physics
SOCR 471 Soil Physics Laboratory
SOCR 490 Hydrus-1D Workshop
SOCR 520 Plant Canopy Meteorology


Open Electives:

(Choose at the most 6 semester hours).

These are any courses that are approved by the Track Coordinator.
Choose from the available graduate courses listed here.