Ph.D. Student Mahshid Ghanbari Receives ASCE Editor’s Choice Recognition

For each issue of the ASCE Water Resources Planning and Management journal, the Chief Editor may select a paper to be featured on the journal homepage in the ASCE Library. The paper is available for free to registered users for 1 to 4 months, depending on how frequently the journal is published. Mahshid Ghanbari’s paper “Chronic and Acute Coastal Flood Risks to Assets and Communities in Southeast Florida” was selected for this recognition.

Mahshid is a fourth year PhD student, advised by Mazdak Arabi. She earned a B.S. degree at the Iran University of Science and Technology and M.S. degrees at the University Putra Malaysia, all in Civil Engineering. She is currently working on the development of new methods for coastal flooding risk assessment. In addition to the ASCE honor, her recent work on the compounding effects of storm surge and heavy precipitation on the vulnerability of communities to floods was recently cited as one of the top papers in the AGU journals. Her work was also highlighted in the EOS magazine for her contribution to the advancement of knowledge about coastal flooding risks.

Congratulations Mahshid.