Ph.D. Candidate Gives On-Line Seminar to Over 1000 Participants

Omar Nofal,jpg

Omar Nofal, Ph.D. candidate at Colorado State University, gave an on-line seminar to more than 1000 Egyptian and Middle Eastern scholars and practitioners, government leaders, urban designers, and students on his flood resilience work with CSU and CoE. Link (in Arabic)

Omar is currently working as a graduate research assistant with the NIST center of excellence for risk-based community resilience planning. His research focuses on the hurricane-induced hazards and their damage prediction with the goal of supporting the risk-informed decision. He is actively working on hazard modeling with the combination of research on community resilience planning strategies, flood impact, and recovery. This research examines natural hazards and quantifying the amount of risk that communities should be prepared for with the goal of implementing new resilient measures to protect our communities. The focus includes but is not limited to flood risk assessment, flood loss quantification, and recovery. This is done through a detailed analysis of the hazard, exposure, and vulnerability of communities including hydrologic, and hydrodynamic analysis of the flood plain and developing fragility function of a minimum portfolio of community buildings.