Noelle Fillo – Internship Experience

Noelle FilloGreetings! My name is Noelle Fillo and I recently received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Engineering with an Ecological Engineering concentration. While matriculating, I secured two research-based internships in Fort Collins, one of which I am continuing post-graduation.

Noelle FilloMy first internship took place at the Hydraulics Laboratory in CSU’s Engineering Research Center. I started in my second year at CSU and worked for 1.5 years installing, managing and uninstalling hydraulic experiments in large flumes. The projects I was involved with focused on river modeling, overtopping analysis and materials testing. During these projects, I learned how to operate MIG welders, LIDAR, stream gauges, total stations, numerous power tools and Bobcat models S250 and S850 (shown.) This experience enhanced my understanding and interest in hydraulic engineering, as well as introduced me to a mentor who helped me expand upon my professional interests and offered strategic advice in pursuing my career goals.

ExperimentI began interning with Advanced Environmental Technologies, a local environmental remediation innovator, in my final year of school. AET specializes in sustainable remediation of soil, sediment, groundwater and wastewater via bioelectrochemical systems. I have helped construct some of our patented products (shown) and have also managed case study data, created animated marketing media and troubleshot the company website. Currently, most of my work is devoted to the research and development of bioelectrochemcial reactors for the commercial production of graphene oxide. My company is collaborating with CSU researchers on this project, so I spend most of my days in the Scott Bioengineering Laboratories monitoring/maintaining prototypes and writing reports detailing observed trends and making recommendations for future reactor configurations. I consider myself lucky that I get to learn something new every day while on the job and that I am surrounded by a network of brilliant, kind coworkers. I am thankful for this opportunity and cannot wait for what the future holds.