Navid Attary receives ASCE 2017 Best Journal Paper

Navid Attary

In spring 2017 the Board of the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering (JSE) decided to initiate a new set of awards to recognize best journal papers in three categories: Analysis & computation,  recognizes papers in the SHM/structural system identification, optimization, computing and reliability areas; Structural Hazards: recognizes papers in the seismic, wind, dynamic effects, and shock and vibration areas; and Materials and Structural Response: Recognizes papers in the metal, concrete, masonry, wood and composites areas. Selection of the award-winning papers was conducted by a committee of Associate Editors.  The 2017 Best Journal Paper in Structural Hazards was awarded to Navid Attary,(Research Scientist) John W. van de Lindt, Vipin U. Unnikrishnan, Andre R. Barbosa and Daniel T. Cox for the paper entitled “Methodology for Development of Physics-Based Tsunami Fragilities.”