Mahmoud interviewed by NPR and KKTV for wildfire model

This week, both NPR for Northern Colorado (KUNC) and Colorado’s 11 News (KKTV) invited Professor Hussam Mahmoud to describe his work on predicting the path of wildfires within communities. While there are several models for predicting wildfire paths in forests and wildlands, communities are more challenging to predict. Yet, his groundbreaking model was able to predict the wildfire path of the 2018 Camp Fire with 86% accuracy.

Interest in Mahmoud’s model has spread like, well, wildfire. Shortly after giving a TEDxMileHigh talk in June, he received a $2.7 million grant from the Moore Foundation for his wildfire resilience model. Then in July, he presented at NASEM’s Climate Crossroads Summit 2023. In the future, Mahmoud hopes his wildfire resilience model can be adopted by developing countries for upgrading infrastructure to minimize the risk of damage from wildfires to communities.

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