Frances Davenport

Dr. Frances V. Davenport

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Frances Davenport, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, August 5, 2022

Dr. Frances Davenport joined the CEE Department in April 2023. Dr. Davenport’s research explores fundamental questions related to global climate and the hydrologic cycle, extreme climate events, water resources, and climate change impacts on human and natural systems. Her work uses multiple methods, including observational data from in-situ monitoring networks and remote sensing; global climate models; and computational analysis tools, including machine learning. Recent projects have included: analyzing causes of increasing extreme precipitation in the U.S. Midwest, understanding the consequences of less snow in the western U.S. in a warmer climate, and quantifying the economic damages associated with historical flooding and climate change. She has also collaborated on research studying extreme heat events and landslides. Frances earned her B.A. and B.E. degrees in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College, and her Ph.D. degree in Earth System Science from Stanford University. From 2014-2017, she worked as a surface water engineer in Denver, CO. Prior to joining CEE, Frances is a postdoctoral fellow in CSU’s Department of Atmospheric Science from 2022-2023.

Contact Information

Office Location: Engineering, Room A205A
Fax: (970) 491-7727


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  • B.A. 2013, Dartmouth College – Engineering Sciences
  • B.E. 2014, Dartmouth College – Engineering Sciences
  • Ph.D. 2022, Stanford University – Earth System Science

Research Interests

  • Climate change
  • Flood hydrology
  • Water resources and sustainability
  • Extreme climate events
  • Climate impacts on humans, infrastructure, agriculture, and ecosystems
  • Machine learning and statistical methods for hydrology and earth science