Evan C. Vlachos


Dr. Vlachos has over 40 years of experience in university teaching and administration, applied research, and consulting. He has worked on a variety of projects nationally and abroad on aspects of urban planning, water resources planning and management, forecasting and futurism, technology assessment and demography.

Between 1979-1984, Dr. Vlachos served as Director of the Environmental Resources Center at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado where he is also Professor of Sociology and Civil Engineering and Associate Director of the International School for Water Resources. He has served as Member and Chairman of the Environmental Advisory Board, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers between 1982-1987. Between 1993 and 2000 he also served as member and chairman of the Advisory Panel on Environmental and Earth S&T in NATO, Brussels . He is also a consultant to the Water Division of UNESCO (Urban Water Conflicts). His current work includes funded research on integrated water resources planning and management in Greece, Portugal and various countries in the Middle East.

The author of a large number of books, monographs and articles on water, demography and futurism, Dr. Vlachos holds an LL.B. from the School of Law, Athens, Greece (1959), an M.A. in Sociology (Indiana University, 1962), and a Ph.D. in Sociology (Indiana University, 1964).