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Environmental Engineering



The field of Environmental Engineering is broad and interdisciplinary, and it is difficult to define a prescriptive curriculum that covers all areas. Therefore, to best meet the educational objectives of students, our graduate program in Environmental Engineering provides a high degree of flexibility in the coursework. With the assistance of an advisor in the Environmental Engineering Program, the student can develop a course of study that is technically strong, multi-faceted, and concentrates on one or more subject areas of particular interest. Each student is assigned a preliminary advisor upon entering the program who will assist with selection of courses, research topics, and a permanent advisor appropriate for the student’s particular interests.

Recommended Core Courses:

In the environmental engineering program, students select their courses in consultation with their advisor to match their specific needs and interests. While there are three recommended core courses, no specific courses are required at the master’s or doctoral level, which allows each student maximum flexibility to tailor their education.

Recommended core courses: CIVE 540 (Fundamentals of Environmental Biotechnology), CIVE 541 (Physical Chemical Water Treatment Processes), CIVE 538 (Aqueous Chemistry)

Elective Courses:

Water, Wastewater Treatment and Residuals Management
CHEM 471 Physical Chemistry
CIVE 541 Physical Chemical Water Treatment Processes
CIVE 537 Residuals Management
CIVE 539 Water and Wastewater Analysis
CIVE 543 Industrial Wastes Management
MIP 300 General Microbiology
SOCR 467 Soil and Environmental Chemistry
Groundwater & Geoenvironmental
CIVE 531 Groundwater Hydrology
CIVE 558 Containment Systems for Waste Disposal
CIVE 633 Groundwater Contamination
CIVE 658 Remediation Systems for Subsurface Contamination
CIVE 680 Quantitative Eco-Hydrology
CIVE 733 Flow in Porous Media
CBE 524 Environmental Biotechnology
Hydraulics & Wind Engineering
CIVE 413 Environmental River Mechanics
CIVE 504 Wind Engineering
CIVE 604 Turbulent Transport & Diffusion
CIVE 610 Design of Stream Rehabilitation Features
CIVE 612 Open Channel Hydraulics
CIVE 716 Erosion & Sedimentation
Atmospheric Science
ATS 555 Air Pollution
ATS 556 Air Pollution Measurements
ATS 716 Air Quality Characterization
Water Resources & Hydrologic Sciences
CIVE 440 Nonpoint Source Pollution
CIVE 520 Physical Hydrology
CIVE 521 Hydrometry
CIVE 522 Engineering Hydrology
CIVE 524/ER 524 Modeling Watershed Hydrology
CIVE 545 Management & Monitoring Water Quality
CIVE 546 Water Resources Systems Analysis
CIVE 547 Statistics for Environmental Monitoring
CIVE 573 Urban Stormwater Management
CIVE 622 Risk Analysis of Water/Environment
CIVE 623 Water Quality Hydrology
CIVE 624 Control of Floods and Droughts
WR 516 Cumulative Effects & Watershed Analysis
STAT 420 Probability & Mathematical Statistics I
STAT 430 Probability & Mathematical Statistics II
STAT 511 Design and Data Analysis for Researchers I
STAT 511 Design and Data Analysis for Researchers II
BZ 471 Stream Biology & Ecology
BZ 472 Stream Biology & Ecology Laboratory
BZ 474 Limnology