Dr. Robert Meroney

Emeritus Professor


Dr. Robert Meroney

Dr. Robert Meroney’s teaching and research focused on the disciplines of fluid mechanics and wind engineering.  He completed over 40 years at Colorado State including time spent as Chairman of the Engineering Science Program, Program Leader in Fluid Mechanics and Wind Engineering, Director of the Hydraulics and Wind Engineering Division, and Director of the Wind Engineering and Fluids Laboratory (formerly the Fluid Dynamics and Diffusion Laboratory).  Currently he is an Emeritus Professor beginning Spring 2004.  He continues to teach workshops and study institutes on fluid mechanics, computational fluid mechanics and wind engineering .  Most recently his research emphasized Computational Wind Engineering considering air pollution and building aerodynamics as well as the spread of smoke and heat from fires in atria, urban areas and forests.

Research Interests

  • Dense Gas Dispersion Research
  • Stable Flow Research
  • Wind Energy Research
  • Complex Terrain Research
  • Canopy Flow Research
  • CFD Research


B.S., University of Tennessee
M.S. and Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

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