International School for Water Resources

Proposed Outline of Special Training in Decision Support Systems for Water Resources and Irrigation Management (2 Months)

First Week:

Orientation and Planning: Introduction to Computing Facilities and Library

Arrival in Fort Collins. Settling into housing. Orientation to Fort Collins and Colorado State University. In-depth planning of training program with Dr. Timothy K. Gates. Introduction to irrigation systems research library and computing facilities for water resources with Dr. Samir Ahmed.

Second-Fourth Weeks:

Special Training on Decision Support Systems for Water Resources Management

Special training and guided study by Dr. Darrell G. Fontane, Dr. John W. Labadie, and Dr. Timothy K. Gates on designing and implementing computerized decision support systems for management of water resources: reservoir management concepts, streamflow hydrologic analysis, selection of critical flow periods, reservoir planning and operational objectives, hydrologic reservoir sizing, environmental considerations, development of reservoir operational rules, strategies of optimally distributing irrigation shortages, simulation and optimization models for reservoir sizing and operational analysis, irrigation system models, systems analysis methodologies and reservoir decision support system concepts. Special focus will be placed on developing and integrating database management, graphical user interfaces, simulation and optimization models, and geographic information systems in a decision support environment.

Fifth Week:

Review of Development of Decision Support Systems for Specific Applications

Guided visits by Dr. John W. Labadie and Dr. Luis Garcia to offices of the Integrated Decision Support group, Riverside Technologies, and others to review development of decision support systems for river basin management, irrigation and drainage management, and wetlands management.

Sixth Week:

Visit to U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) Offices, Denver, Colorado Tour of Dolores Irrigation Project in Southwest Colorado

Discussion with USBR engineers and managers regarding development and use of decision support systems for management of the upper Colorado River basin and other western rivers.

Visit to Dolores Irrigation Project, a newly-constructed and modern irrigation development in southwest Colorado under guidance of Dr. Samir Ahmed. Review of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA systems for flow regulation and decision support systems for reservoir and irrigation canal management.

Seventh and Eighth Week

Special Training on Decision Support Systems for Water Resource Management (Continued)

Introduction by Dr. Fontane to hands-on experience using available simulation and optimization models for reservoir sizing and operational analysis, spreadsheets for hydrologic analysis and reservoir simulation, generalized reservoir decision support system, river basin decision support systems, and geographic information systems for irrigation planning and management.

End of Eighth Week:

Exit Meetings

Final review and summary of training program with Dr Gates and Dr. Fontane. Preparation for departure.