Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Civil Infrastructure Engineering Track


Civil Infrastructure Engineering Track


Core Courses:

(9 semester hours)

CIVE 577(S) GIS in Civil & Environmental Engineering
CIVE 578(S) Infrastructure Engineering & Management
CON 560(F) Applied Project Management


Designated Electives:

(choose 4 for at least 12 semester hours)

CIVE 546(S)Water Resources Systems AnalysisCIVE 572(S)Analysis of Urban Water SystemsCIVE 622(F)Risk Analysis of Water/Environmental Systems

CIVE 440(F) Nonpoint Source Pollution
CON 511 Project Procurement and Preconstruction
CIVE 514(F) Hydraulic Structures
CIVE 525(F) Water Engineering for International Development
CIVE 544(F) Water Resources Planning & Management
CIVE 549(S) Drainage and Wetlands Engineering
CIVE 550(F) Foundation Engineering
CIVE 558(F) Geoenvironmental Engineering Principles
CIVE 560(F) Advanced Mechanics of Materials
CIVE 571(S) Pipe System Engineering and Hydraulics
CIVE 573(F) Urban Stormwater Management
CIVE 575(S) Sustainable Water and Waste Management
CIVE 658(S) Remediation Systems–Surface Contamination
CIVE 565(S) Finite Element Method
CIVE 574(F) Civil Engineering Project Management
CON 569(S) Regulatory Impact on Construction
CON 571(S) Facility Planning and Management


Open Electives:

(choose 9 semester hours)

Any courses that are approved by the Track Coordinator