Engineering National Graduate Institutional Name Exchange

The Engineering National Graduate Institutional Name Exchange (ENGINE) invites Colorado State University junior, senior, and master's students with interest in Ph.D. and/or master's engineering programs to register online for ENGINE by answering all of the following questions. The inaugural season of ENGINE collected information from more than 11,500 engineering students from 56 institutions. Since then ENGINE has grown to include 17,000 student records spanning ~80 institutions.

More than 200 institutions have been invited to participate in graduate school recruitment, for any/all of the following:

  • fellowship opportunities
  • Ph.D. programs
  • funded campus visits
  • summer research internships
  • master's programs
  • application fee waivers
  • research symposium invitations
  • new scholarships
  • online graduate degrees
  • graduate recruiting events
  • other academic endeavors

CSU Students Sign-up

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Authorization to Share Information with Other Graduate Schools

All students who register will automatically be added to the national consortium database. If you only wish to be recruited by CSU, click the box below and your information will not be added to ENGINE or distributed to other institutions.

Check here if you are only interested in being recruited by CSU and do not wish to join ENGINE and have your information released to other institutions.

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By registering your information, you give permission for member institutions to contact you for the purposes of graduate school recruitment and other academic endeavors. If you decide you no longer want to be recruited for graduate school, contact ENGINE directly to have your name removed from the national consortium database prior to September 10, 2021. Information cannot be retrieved once it is released to other institutions on September 10, 2021.