Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

BME combined with Chemical & Biological Engineering (CBE)


Colorado State University Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering (BME) combined with a chemical and biological engineering (CBE) degree, typically draws students interested in using biology and chemistry in engineering.

Our BME+CBE pathway has an emphasis on process engineering and also prepares students in diagnosing and/or treating diseases (e.g. cancer or tuberculosis), using medical devices that incorporate biology or chemistry (e.g. blood oxygenators or biocompatible materials in advanced wound-healing techniques), or working with advanced BME technologies such as artificial organs including skin.


BME Technical Electives

3-5 credits from approved list (check DARS for exact requirement)

CBE Technical Electives for BME+CBE

5-6 credits from approved list (check DARS for exact requirement)

BME Broad Electives

3 credits from approved list

The BME+CBE pathway at CSU provides students with two bachelor's degrees within 5 years.

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