Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Linking a Biomedical Engineering Focus to Your Primary Major

The School of Biomedical Engineering offers undergraduate students the opportunity to earn credits in a minor program to complement their primary major. This 21-credit minimum minor is open to all majors. The program provides a solid foundation in biomedical engineering and strengthens skills in engineering and life sciences.

21 Credit Minor including Core Biomedical Engineering Courses*:

  • BIOM 100 – Overview of Biomedical Engineering
  • BIOM 200 – Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering
  • BIOM 300 – Problem-Based Learning in Biomedical Engineering

*Prerequisites must be met for each course

BME Minor Coursework

Not an engineering major? No problem! Look at the curriculum below to get started and talk to your advisor for any questions.


For BME Minor

University Course Catalog

BME Interdisciplinary Minor


Email BME Minor Advisor Chase Jackson