2019 Fall Seminar Series

Attend seminars and learn about research and industry trends in biomedical engineering and related disciplines from leading faculty and trainee researchers at Colorado State and around the world. Connect with industry, faculty, and other trainees. The fall seminars will take place in the Behavioral Sciences Building, Room 103 (except as noted) on Mondays from 12:00 to 12:50 PM.

CSU SBME Fall 2019 Seminar Schedule (printable PDF)

Stochastic models of mRNA Translation and Modeling of Rare Translation events

Bridging the Gap: An Instrumented Microfluidic Organotypic Device for Studying Intestinal Tissue Ex Vivo

Advances in Brain-Computer Interfaces with Novel EEG Sensing Technology

Continuous, Real-Time, Physiological Monitoring with Nanosensors

Cooperative gating of sodium channels in neurons

The Right Ventricle - The Forgotten Chamber That Deserves More Love: A Biomechanics Perspective

Human Tissue Biofabrication from iPSCs

The Case Against Statistical Significance

3D, Multicolor and Live-cell Super-resolution Microscopy for Cell Biological Research

Cardiac afterload provides biomechanical input to cardiac development

The pharmacokinetic role of chloroquine derivatives in cancer-related autophagy modulation

A perturbation-based computational approach to predicting chemotherapeutic response in human bladder cancer patients

Microfabricated intracellular and Extracellular Niches