2020 Spring Seminar Series

Attend seminars and learn about research and industry trends in biomedical engineering and related disciplines from leading faculty and trainee researchers at Colorado State and around the world. Connect with industry, faculty, and other trainees. The spring seminars will take place in the Scott Bioengineering Building, Room 229 (except as noted) on Mondays from 12:00 to 12:50 PM.

CSU SBME Spring 2020 Seminar Schedule (printable PDF)

Medical device-induced thrombosis: From anticoagulants to surface coatings, what should we do?

Gradients and Chondroinductive Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine

Methods for assessing spinal function and the effects of treatment in horses

Living Cell Microarray for the Detection of Estrogen Disrupting Chemicals

A Tale of Two Microfluidics: From Low-Cost Environmental Measurements to Organ-on-a-Chip

Therapeutic Exosomes for Intervertebral Disc Degeneration

Design of an Ultrasound Tomography system for lung imaging

Tissue engineering for the correction of congenital heart defects

Advanced Surfaces for Orthopedic Implants

The synthetic coral: an opportunity for collaboration between computer science, biology and materials science and engineering

Microfluidic Electrical Impedance Cytometry for Diagnosis of Parasitic Infections