The School of Biomedical Engineering at Colorado State University greatly values your support, and we hope these opportunities allow you to identify ways to become engaged that are personally and/or professionally meaningful to you.

TIME. Your donation of time will be appreciated by students, faculty, and staff.

HOST A STUDENT CLUB FIELD TRIP. Field trips enrich the lives and experiences of the students and supplement the lessons learned in the classroom. Acquiring knowledge in a practical and real world manner helps to reinforce topics. Tours of your company can last 1-4 hours and include speakers from your organization.

PARTICIPATE IN CAREER FAIRS. The annual Engineering Career Fair is a valuable opportunity, both for the students and for the companies that participate. Companies can meet a large pool of qualified applicants for current openings and build and applicant pool for future openings. At the fair, your company can conduct dozens of short, informal interviews and give extra attention to strong candidates.

ATTEND EVENTS AND LECTURES. By attending SBME events and lectures, you not only expand your own knowledge, but provide an opportunity for our students to meet and converse with industry professionals.

NETWORK WITH ENGINEERING PROFESSIONALS. SBME has a social media presence. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Friend us on Facebook, and Like Us on Instagram. Join now to stay in touch, learn more about our programs and research, and interact with other professionals in the biomedical industry.

POST A JOB OPENING. Does your company have an opening you would like to share with SBME alumni and students? If so, please post the job description on SBME’s LinkedIn Job Board.

PROMOTE THE SBME PROGRAM. Promotion is easy! As a advocate, you can take the time to listen to a teenager’s engineering career goals and promote the School of Biomedical Engineering, educate and create understanding of a support for SBME, promote SBME offerings and events through your corporation’s or professional association’s newsletter, or mention SBME on a social media thread.

PROVIDE AN INTERNSHIP. As competition for jobs increase, it will become even more important for students to have internship opportunities to market themselves. Interns also provide organizations with bright minds eager to learn and contribute. Help a student gain exposure to the professional world and offer an internship.


TREASURE. Your financial contributions are paramount to the continuing growth and success of SBME.

SPONSOR A STUDENT CHAPTER. Student chapters serve as a liaison between students’ academic experience and professional environments. Sponsorship of student chapters allow for quality programs and activities and for participation in regional and national competitions.

PROVIDE GIFTS-IN-KIND. Help with School of Biomedical Engineering strengthen its programs and improve facilities to provide the best possible educational experience to its students. We encourage and appreciate gifts-in-kind, such as industry equipment, expendable supplies for laboratories, and raw materials to support senior design projects.

FUND OR ENDOW A SCHOLARSHIP. Scholarship support at all levels provides critical aid to our students. We strive to help as many students as possible with the financial obligations of their engineering education. Invest in our future and commit to funding a scholarship today.

SPONSOR A STUDENT. Increasing our student attendance at regional and national conferences and meetings requires ample funding. You can enrich a student’s educational experience by bridging academic coursework with professional experience. Travel fees per student are approximately $750 to $1,000.

MAKE A DONATION. The School of Biomedical Engineering has grown rapidly ince its inception in 2007. Additional funding is needed to provide adequate or supplemental aid to key programs and initiatives. If you would like to make a donation to SBME, visit the SBME Online Donation page.


TALENT. Your area of expertise or special interest can make a difference for our students.

SPEAK AT A SEMINAR SERIES OR STUDENT CLUB MEETING. Come tell your unique story to students! How did you get your start? What struggles did you need to overcome? Why did you choose your field of work?

CONDUCT A MOCK INTERVIEW. Help a junior or senior SBME major enhance his or her interviewing skills. Volunteer to conduct a mock employer interview.


If you are interested in providing a gift of time or talent, please contact For gifts of treasure, please contact