Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Master of Engineering with specialization in biomedical engineering

Master of Engineering

A coursework only program for advancement in the biomedical engineering industry.

Our Master of Engineering degree is a 30-credit coursework only degree program. The curriculum is divided into four different categories: core, foundation, depth, and breadth. The core and foundation courses are designed to develop a foundation in biomedical engineering. The depth courses allow students to gain more knowledge in a particular interest area while the breadth courses focus on advanced or applied mathematics.

Strengths of the program include:

  • Quality classroom instruction
  • Diverse range of course offerings within more than a dozen departments at CSU
  • Ability to enroll part-time while maintaining your employment
  • Exposure to cutting-edge technologies and therapies being developed at CSU and around the world.

This degree is also offered through CSU Online.

Curriculum Requirements

Master of Engineering with specialization in biomedical engineering


Graduate Advisor Sara Mattern

Our Master of Engineering with a specialization in biomedical engineering is a coursework only degree program.

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