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Clinical Immersion Program

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Full-time, 7-week summer program

This program can provide you with experiences that will help you understand the environment and constraints that must be considered for successful design of medical devices. The clinical immersion program is comprised of rotations through specific specialty areas that rely on medical devices and biomedical technology, such as:

• Anesthesia
• Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
• Orthopedic Surgery
• Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery
• Interventional Radiology
• Neurosurgery
• Intensive Care Unit
• Bioengineering

Because it is not possible for students to participate in emergent events such as trauma activations and emergency obstetric cases, students also visit the University of Colorado Health Clinical Education and Innovation Center, where they participate in clinical simulation for these high level emergency situations.

These clinical experiences will help BME students understand the environment and constraints that must be considered for successful design of medical devices. Furthermore, with clinicians being one of the major users of devices developed by biomedical engineers, it is valuable for biomedical engineers to spend time interacting with clinicians and learning the language of the clinical environment. At the culmination of the clinical immersion experience, students participate in a discussion with clinical providers to discuss perceived gaps, potential future directions of medical devices, and unmet needs. As a result of these interactions, students and clinicians co-develop ideas that can be incorporated into senior capstone design projects for the upcoming academic year.

A Student's Experience

Jarrod Cornejo shares his experience.

UCHealth Today

SBME teams with UCHealth to enhance program

The Clinical Immersion Program is supported by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering of the National Institutes of Health under award number 1R25EB025791-01.


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Open to all 3rd and 4th year students

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Clinical Immersion Endowment

NEW! Biomedical Engineering & Healthcare in Ireland


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When: January 3 – 15, 2025

Short-term (10 days) study abroad program

This winter break CSU faculty-led program offers students a rich opportunity to gain first-hand experience observing and interacting with biomedical engineering in a professional setting. Students will hear from and visit with experts in the field on the topics of regulatory affairs and quality control, healthcare, research and development, and biomedical engineering. This course provides an opportunity for students to gain an international perspective of these industries, and to understand key differences between the US and European Union’s practices and standards in these fields.

Ireland is a hub for biomedical and biotech research, with significant investment from both the government and private sector. This provides students with opportunities to learn about cutting-edge research projects and hear from leading scientists and engineers. In addition, Ireland has a thriving biomedical and biotech industry, with numerous multinational companies and startups operating in the country. Participating on this program in Ireland can provide students with valuable industry connections and an opportunity to learn more about potential job opportunities upon graduation.

Prosthetic Innovation in Ecuador

No longer accepting applications

Short-term (10 days) study abroad program

Looking to gain experience with patients? Interested in studying abroad? The Prosthetic Innovation in Ecuador program is an opportunity to learn about prosthetic fabrication and biomedical engineering needs in developing countries. Combine experiential learning with an opportunity to study in Quito, Ecuador for ten days. Open to undergraduate and graduate students of all majors.

Applications are accepted at the beginning of every fall semester.


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