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Clinical Immersion

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Clinical Immersion Program

The Clinical Immersion Program exposes biomedical engineering students to clinical experiences to help them understand the environment and constraints that must be considered for successful design of medical devices.

Through rotations with clinicians, students observe emergent events and take part in clinical simulations that rely on medical devices and biomedical technology. These experiences take place at the University of Colorado Health Medical Center of the Rockies and the University of Colorado Health Clinical Education and Innovation Center.

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Ellen Brennan-Pierce
Director of Senior Design

Practical, Hands-On Skills and Real-World Experience

Students who participate in the Clinical Immersion Program rotate through specific specialty areas that rely on medical devices and biomedical technology, such as anesthesia, trauma and acute care, surgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, interventional radiology, neurosurgery, intensive care unit, and bioengineering. With clinicians being one of the major users of devices developed by biomedical engineers, it is valuable for biomedical engineers to spend time interacting with clinicians and learning the language of the clinical environment.

At the culmination of the clinical immersion experience, students participate in a discussion with clinical providers to discuss perceived gaps, potential future directions of medical devices, and unmet needs. As a result of these interactions, students and clinicians co-develop ideas that can be incorporated into senior capstone design projects for the upcoming academic year.

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