Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

First Generation Program

CSU created its First Generation Award program in 1984.

Colorado State University is the first university in the country to identify first generation, low-income students and provide scholarships designed to pay for tuition and student fees. CSU created its First Generation Award program in 1984. First Generation status is defined as students whose parents did not complete a bachelor’s degree or higher. Since 1984, CSU has continued to provide not only scholarships but also create a community of support for these students. 

The SBME began its Annual First Generation Dinners in 2014.

Dozens of first generation members make up the faculty and staff in the College of Engineering and are naturally prepared and particularly willing to share their experiences and relate to the obstacles first generation students face.

As part of its commitment to student success, the SBME plans to grow assistance and programs for First Generation Students. The SBME began to address issues by providing underrepresented students an opportunity to mingle one-on-one with faculty at the inaugural SBME First Generation Dinner in February 2014. As a result of this inaugural event, at least four students secured positions in prominent biomedical engineering laboratories across campus and conducted important biomedical engineering research in addition to strengthening their academic experience.

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The SBME first-generation dinners attract nearly 50 students, alumni, faculty and staff. Students are given an opportunity to share their challenges and struggles. Faculty and staff share their first-generation experiences. Students walk away knowing that they have a large support group of professionals who are available to answer questions, provide encouragement in challenging times, or serve as a resource.

The next SBME First Generation Dinner will take place in late January 2021. Check back here for more details. If you have questions, please contact Brett Beal.

CSU first-generation students receive a wealth of support from faculty, staff and fellow students.

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