New Student Orientation

Welcome to Systems Engineering at CSU!

We want to help our students with a smooth transition into the department and CSU. Our virtual orientations work alongside the Graduate School’s orientation to provide a student-centered experience. 

Please complete the orientation before the semester begins, and let us know if you have any questions!

Part 1: Accepting Admission

After you have received official notice of admission from the Graduate School, your official Admission Letter can be accessed through your admissions application. Review this letter and submit any documentation that you are asked to provide. You may be restricted from course registration without this documentation.

If you wish to defer your admission to a later term, contact your Graduate Student Advisor:

Confirm your decision to attend through your admissions application so we know you will be attending!  


Your CSU netID grants access to CSU systems.

You must know your CSU ID number to activate your netID. Your CSU ID number was e-mailed to you shortly after your application was submitted. 

Your email account with CSU

Note: Although you applied with your personal email address, once you are admitted we will only send information to your CSU email address. Important notices from CSU are primarily sent through email, including billing, deadline reminders, degree requirements, etc. You are responsible for all information sent to your CSU email address.

When you create your netID, you will also create your university email account. All communications from CSU will be sent to this address.

To access your account, sign in to Office 365 using your and netID password.

Your email address is your first name plus your last name (e.g.

If you chose a preferred first name during your netID setup or anytime later, your email address will use your preferred first name.

For technical assistance, e-mail

Students, staff and faculty in the College of Engineering have a computer account that provides access to the College computer network. Services include:

  • Login access to Engineering lab computers and resources
  • Personal file space on the Engineering College computer network
  • Printing credits for students
  • Access to online applications provided by ETS

Go here to create your ETS account.

Your Engineering account is separate from the electronic ID (netID) issued by the university. However, you must have your netID to sign up for an Engineering account.

Please communicate directly with the Office of International Programs regarding your immigration status requirements. For information about I-20 or DS-2019 issuance, please review this page. There are also helpful resources for incoming international students on the Information for New and Transfer International Students page on the Office of International Programs website