2018 BME E-Days Awards

E-Days (Engineering Days) is a longstanding annual showcase of capstone senior design projects.

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, five members of the SBME Advisory Board served as judges and provided four biomedical engineering teams with cash awards at E-Days. This year, ten industry members also served as BME judges, critically evaluating student projects on technical content, presentation, creativity, and overall impression.

The following BME student senior design projects were awarded:

First Place: Mechanical Bladder Device (faculty advisors: Hiep Nguyen, M.D.; Shawn Smith, Katie Trella)
Team: Anders Booth, Aidan Friederich, Sara Jordan, and Dominic Martinez

First Place (tie): Paper-Based Microfluidic Device for Global Health (faculty advisor: Chuck Henry)
Team: Sam Allsup, Mitchell Cooper, Taylor Langer, and Jase Wyeno

Second Place: Hypoxia Chamber for Biomedical Research (faculty advisors: Zhijie Wang and Jesse Wilson)
Team: Willie Hawkins, Zach Kugler, Dominic Loffreda

Third Place: Bone Matrix Electrospinning (faculty advisors: Ketul Popat and Matt Kipper)
Team: Ally Baumgart, Alex Bozzo, Alex Kosmiski, and Morgan Schake

If you are interested in sponsoring a senior design project, please contact Ellen Brennan-Pierce at 970-491-5046 or Ellen.Brennan-Pierce@colostae.edu.