2018 SBME Scholarship Award Winner

Natalie Rios receives SBME Scholarship for Leadership and Innovation

Natalie Rios received the $1,000 SBME Scholarship for Leadership and Innovation for the 2018/19 school year for her exceptional job at stating her leadership capabilities. Currently, Natalie serves as the outreach coordinator for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), her first project manager role. As outreach coordinator, she is in charge of organizing SWE’s Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day and manages 12 team members. Wanting to strengthen the communication among her team, she initiated clearly stated goals on agendas and punctual biweekly emails. She also used the Gallup Strength Finder curriculum to organize subcommittees based on identified strengths so members can collaborate and thrive. Lastly, she utilized CSU’s admission platform, Slate, for event registration which dramatically improved organization of the event and allowed for collection of more participant information. From this information, SWE can identify which participants apply to CSU for engineering, giving SWE information about the effectiveness of their outreach to middle school girls.

The SBME Scholarship for Leadership and Innovation supports graduate and undergraduate students pursuing careers in biomedical engineering who show a commitment to leadership and excel as creative problem-solvers.