First Woman to Lead the SBME Industry Advisory Board

It is fitting that in our 10th anniversary year of celebration we also usher in another transition for the SBME Advisory Board.

Julie Dunn will serve as the next chair of the board. Julie is the medical director of trauma research and education for the UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, Colorado. She brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to the biomedical engineering program.

Julie succeeds Steve Simske, who chaired the board since 2015. Julie will be the first woman and physician to chair the board.  For years, Julie has been actively engaged with the SBME faculty from a variety of departments across campus, collaborating on joint research to address unmet medical needs. This research has spawned development of several medical improvements, including a hernia mesh patch that discourages bacterial growth and a non-invasive method of monitoring lung function without the need for radiation and dye. Currently, she is collaborating with a large group of CSU professors working toward unraveling the cellular and molecular interactions that occur in the human intestine and other boundary issues. The SBME core faculty involved with this project include Randy Bartels, Tom Chen, David Dandy, Chuck Henry, Kevin Lear, Stuart Tobet, and Jesse Wilson, in addition to non-SBME faculty including Zaid Abdo, Gregg Dean, Candace Mathiason, and Elizabeth Ryan.