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Computer engineering: It's more than coding.

In our hyper-connected world, computer engineers are the smart thinkers behind today’s smart devices and systems. They hold the key to designing, understanding, and advancing the next generation of intelligent computing technologies.

Computer engineers are in high demand across a broad range of industries. Your knowledge will allow you to make a difference in a fulfilling career, while earning a high paying salary.

“There is a misconception that electrical and computer engineers are nerdy and anti-social. That’s simply not true - they are here because we all know ECE is a great career path.”

Specialize with a Concentration

Interested in diving deeper into your favorite topics? 
You have the option to complement your computer engineering degree program with an area of specialization.

Aerospace Systems

Develop complex computing systems for aerospace

Biomedical Engineering

Engineer solutions to improve human and animal health

Embedded & IoT Systems

Enable interconnected smart devices and systems

Networks & Data

Move and manage data in the digital information revolution

Drive innovation. Make an impact beyond your computer screen.

Innovation is the underpinning of computer engineering. Have an interest in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, or data science? With computer engineering at the heart of these disciplines, we will arm you with knowledge and skills to drive what’s next in virtually any field.

Range of Computer Engineering Industry Sectors

Join Us.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Colorado State University is built on innovation, creativity, and impact.