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Communications and Signal Processing

Transforming the way people and systems communicate

From developing novel radar networks that help scientists understand the most extreme weather on earth to gathering and analyzing traffic data to improve commutes in Fort Collins, we are leading a broad range of interdisciplinary projects that are transforming the transmission, processing, and analyses of data. 

Faculty and Research Interests

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Digital Signal/Image Processing, Machine Learning and Adaptive Systems, Interactive Sensing and Autonomy, Distributed Sensing,  Detection and Estimation.

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Interests: Radar Systems and Networking, Radar Meteorology, RF Communication Systems, Signal Processing

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Interests: Big Data and Machine Learning, Radar and Satellite Hydrometeorology, Remote Sensing of Natural Disasters, Cloud/Precipitation Observations and Processes

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Control and Optimization, Communication Networks, Wireless Systems

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Interests: Communication Networks, Signal Processing, Information Theory, Computer Engineering, Communication Networks, Wireless Systems

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Interests: Statistical Signal Processing, Distributed Sensing, Active and Passive Sensing, Bioimaging, Optimization

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Interests: Biomedical Optics, In Vivo Multiphoton Histology and Pathology , Nonlinear and Ultrafast Optics, Digital Signal Processing for Biomedical Imaging and Microscopy, Metabolic Spectroscopy and Imaging, Cancer Metabolism

Professor Edwin Chong was named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science “for distinguished contributions to optimization and control theory and methods, particularly for stochastic networks and wireless systems.”

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