Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Controls and Robotics

Intelligent machines and systems to help humanity

From designing fault-tolerant robotics to withstand the most remote and dangerous environments to enabling higher performance and reliability in semiconductor manufacturing, our work is protecting human safety while advancing technology.

Faculty and Research Interests

Chong’s profile

Control and Optimization, Communication Networks, Wireless Systems

Eads’ Profile

Interests: Control Systems, Circuits

Maciejewski’s profile

Interests: Robotics, High Performance Computing, STEM Education

Pasricha’s profile

Interests: Embedded Systems (Mobile, Real-Time, Safety-Critical), High Performance Computing (Datacenters, Supercomputers), Computer Architecture, VLSI/CAD Algorithms, Design for Energy/Reliability/Security

Young’s profile

Interests: System Theory, Control of Dynamic Systems, Robust and Learning Control, Optimization and Control for Power Systems

In my work with fault-tolerant robotics, my goal is to maximize and advance mechanical systems to benefit society.”

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