Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Electromagnetics and Remote Sensing

Enabling state-of-the-art electromagnetics systems and remote sensing technologies

ECE boasts the world’s top researchers in electromagnetics and remote sensing. From developing small, experimental, low-cost cube satellites to using radars to better understand water woes in the West, our work is driving new innovations and improving lives. 

Faculty and Research Interests

Chandra’s profile

Interests: Radar Systems and Networking, Radar Meteorology, RF Communication Systems, Signal Processing

Chen’s profile

Interests: Big Data and Machine Learning, Radar and Satellite Hydrometeorology, Remote Sensing of Natural Disasters, Cloud/Precipitation Observations and Processes

Ebert-Uphoff’s profile

Interests: Applying data science methods, primarily machine learning and causal discovery, for applications in weather and climate.

Notaros’ profile

Interests: Computational Electromagnetics, Higher Order CEM, Wide Range of CEM Methods and Implementations, Adaptive Refinement and Uncertainty Quantification, Applied EM at All Frequencies, In-Situ and Remote Sensing of Precipitation, MRI-RF Antennas/Coils, Biomedical EM/Antennas/Systems, EM Education.

Reising’s profile

Interests: Microwave Remote Sensing of the Earth’s Atmosphere and Oceans, Earth Science Measurements from Nanosatellites and CubeSats, Radiometer and Radar Systems from GHz to THz Frequencies, Low-Noise Monolithic Microwave IC Design and Packaging 

“I learned early in my career to focus my research on the end-user – the impact.”

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