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We are engaged with a broad range of companies that hire our students

Engineer in Residence

The novel program connects students with practicing engineers

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Dedicated staff help students explore and reach their career goals

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Craft a career around your passions.

With the marketability and flexibility of an ECE degree, the possibilities are endless. Your education arms you with in-demand skills and knowledge that will help you make an impact in virtually any industry.  

From aerospace to cybersecurity, electrical and computer engineers are the smart thinkers behind the world’s smart technologies and systems. 

It Pays to Choose ECE

"Even though many STEM occupations are expected to enjoy faster than average employment growth in the 2019–29 decade, high demand for computer occupations is largely behind the expected increase in STEM employment in the next decade."

ECE ranked among most valuable majors

The study showed that ECE majors earned the highest median salaries

2022 Median Salaries

Computer Engineers
Aerospace Engineers
Electrical and Electronics Engineers
"Most of the projected job growth in this group is in the engineer occupations, as their services will be in demand in various areas such as rebuilding of infrastructure, renewable energy, oil and gas extraction, and robotics."

Spotlight: Alumni Career Successes

Mars Perseverance Mission

Robert Beauchamp's ECE degree helped him build a radar that landed on the surface of Mars.

Career with Purpose

Victoria Bohannon-Pea gave wings to a cancer survivor's dream -- and carved out a career with meaning at Arrow Electronics.

Temp-Taking Robots

Former ECE student Ian Bernstein wants a robot in every home and office across the globe.
"Fort Collins also enjoys well-established employer-education linkages that have sustained the regional economy through the COVID-19 pandemic."
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Milken Institute "Best-Performing Cities" 2021
Fort Collins ranked #12 for best cities for economic performance and growth - CSU and high-tech industry cited

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