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Accelerated B.S. / Master's (AMP)

Take the fast track to a master's degree

The Accelerated B.S./M.S. program, or AMP, allows you to earn graduate credits while completing upper division bachelor’s degree requirements. 

Students with strong scholarly and/or research interests may apply for admission to a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program to begin the following fall or spring semester after they graduate with their bachelor’s degree. 

Students who are accepted into this program are allowed to apply nine credits of 500-level coursework, with grades of B or better, toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. 


With the goal of moving into a management position quickly, John Crowell is pursuing his master's through the accelerated program.

Applying to AMP

  1. Go to the Graduate School Online Application
    • Choose “First Time Users”
    • On the Program page where you select your desired program, click the box at the bottom of the page to choose Integrated Degree Program Plus (AMP).
  2. Follow all the prompts in the application. You will provide:
    • Resume
    • Statement of purpose, which should include:
      • statement regarding your educational goals
      • summary of long-term professional and personal goals
      • statement indicating how participating in the combined degree program will contribute to your long-term goals
    • Contact information for the three people you have asked to write letters of recommendation. CSU requires two letters of recommendation, so once two letters are received that requirement will be complete.
  3. You will not need to provide official transcripts since your transcripts are on record with CSU.
  • AMP candidates apply during their senior year for graduate admission either the following fall or spring semester.
  • Applications that pass departmental review are forwarded to the Graduate School for final evaluation. Students who are admitted to the AMP program are notified by the Graduate School via email.
  • If accepted, AMP students should schedule a meeting with the ECE Graduate Advisor before or during the first week of the semester for required paperwork.
  • Students pursuing the MS Plan A degree (thesis) should have a commitment from an electrical and computer engineering faculty member to serve as their graduate advisor.
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