Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Fighting disease, improving human health

Combining strengths of engineering, medicine, and the sciences, we are leading interdisciplinary research to improve health, fight disease, and shape a better world, from improving treatments for male infertility to developing noninvasive tools for enhancing melanoma detection.

Faculty and Research Interests

Chandra’s profile

Interests: Radar Systems and Networking, Radar Meteorology, RF Communication Systems, Signal Processing

Chen’s profile

Interests: Design of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) Systems, Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Design, Bioelectronics, Biosensors, CAD Methodology for VLSI, Low Power Circuit Design

Jayasumana’s profile

Interests: Design and Testing of Digital Systems, Computer and Communication Networks

Krapf’s profile

Interests: Single-Molecule Biophysics, Stochastic Processes, Membrane Dynamics, Anomalous Diffusion, Superresolution Imaging, Single-Particle Tracking

Lear’s profile

Interests: Photonic Biosensors, Microsystems Integration Including Microfluids, Bioinstrumentation, Optoelectronic Devices Including Laser Diodes, Waveguides and Photodetectors, Optical Interconnects and Communications Systems, Semiconductor Devices and Fabrication

Wilson’s profile

Interests: Biomedical Optics, In Vivo Multiphoton Histology and Pathology , Nonlinear and Ultrafast Optics, Digital Signal Processing for Biomedical Imaging and Microscopy, Metabolic Spectroscopy and Imaging, Cancer Metabolism

“I want to focus on developing technologies that solve real problems clinicians are having."

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