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The vital role of computer engineering in aerospace systems

Are you curious about aerospace? A degree in computer engineering with an aerospace systems concentration will help your career take flight.

Computer engineering is driving the future of aerospace engineering — a broad and dynamic field that centers on the design, construction, and science behind aircraft,  spacecraft, and related systems. 

Take an aircraft, for example. Computer engineers are the brains behind reliable and complex computing systems that automate everything from flight control to navigation. 

"As technology advances across sensors, connectivity, processing power, and AI, new opportunities emerge to introduce additional rigor, robustness and resiliency to essential services"
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Concentration Highlights

You will learn: Offering a computer engineering degree foundation and specialized training in the aerospace discipline, you will learn how to solve complex engineering problems in aerospace, such as improved safety-critical hardware design, real-time software programming, satellite communications, and remote sensing methods.

Real-world examples of aerospace computing systems: spacecraft, commercial aircraft, UAVs, and transportation systems. The future points to the increasing presence of aerospace systems, including air taxis, delivery drones, supersonic travel, and new frontiers of space exploration. 

Career opportunities: Colorado boast’s the nation’s second-largest aerospace economy, with more than 400 companies who are leading and supporting groundbreaking missions related to space and planetary science. Over the next 30 years, the aerospace and defense industry will be a driving force behind moving people and goods; creating, sensing and connecting; securing and defending our national interests; and research and exploration, according to the Aerospace Industries Association.

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