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Moving and managing data in the digital revolution

Networking is a rapidly evolving field. Whether shopping online, using GPS navigation, or connecting with friends on social media, our online activities are on the rise – and we are straining our technology infrastructure with the mind-boggling amounts of data we produce every day.  

Through the Networks & Data concentration, you will experience first-hand the innovative techniques and technologies that allow us to move and manage mountains of data generated by our interconnected systems and devices. 

“If we can improve the accuracy of short-term extreme weather predictions, we can help save lives."

Concentration Highlights

You will learn: Combining topics from electrical engineering, computer science, and mathematics, this concentration will teach you how to optimize and bolster network systems that process the ever-growing volume of data we produce through our high-tech gadgets and applications. You will work on complex engineering problems, such as emerging 5G/6G networks, deep-space communication, Internet of Things, and social networks. 

Real-world examples of networks and data applications: weather forecasting, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, cybersecurity, medical devices and systems, manufacturing, virtual and augmented reality, smart homes, video streaming, and more.  

Career opportunities: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for skilled professionals in this field will continue to grow. In our digital economy, computer networks are fundamental to nearly every organization. Increasingly, companies are looking for computer engineers to help them model, manage, and extract meaning from large data sets.

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