Online PhD Programs Names CSU Best Online Doctorate Program in Engineering

CSU has ranked #1 on Online PhD Program’s list of top online doctoral programs in Engineering, taking into account variables such as cost, reputation, and return on investment. Also noted is our non-traditional approach catering to working professionals. Click here to see the full list and more detail.

SE Professors Publish Textbook on Model-Based Systems Engineering

Drs. Mike Borky and Tom Bradley are happy to announce a new textbook in the area of systems architecture and model-based systems engineering. This textbook presents a proven, mature Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methodology that has delivered success in a wide range of system and enterprise programs. The authors introduce MBSE as the state of

SE Professor’s Net-Zero Energy Emissions Systems Research Published to Science

CSU Author: Thomas Bradley, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University View the full author list here. Path to zero carbon emissions Models show that to avert dangerous levels of climate change, global carbon dioxide emissions must fall to zero later this century. Most of these emissions arise from energy use. Davis et al. review what