Why CSU?

Colorado State’s College of Engineering offers an enticing combination of academic excellence and quality of life.


The College of Engineering Offers Academic Excellence

The College of Engineering at Colorado State University has a world-class reputation, top-rated faculty, distinguished research programs, and an outstanding group of undergraduate and graduate students.

The College Offers a Robust Research Program

College of Engineering faculty members are recognized as important contributors to CSU’s research enterprise and are extraordinarily productive. The College of Engineering, with 10% of CSU’s faculty, is responsible for about 18% of CSU’s research expenditures.

Fort Collins Boasts a Healthy Economy and Reasonable Cost of Living

Fort Collins was named America’s “Best Place to Live” in 2006 and America’s “Second Best Place to Live” in 2008 by Money magazine.? According to the issue, “Americans are flocking to places that offer the opportunity and amenities of a big city – but with a lot more green space and a lot less stress.”

Fort Collins Offers Good Schools & an Educated Community

The Poudre School District is one of the strongest in the State of Colorado, and has been growing steadily, with 11 new schools built since 1986. In Fort Collins, 95.1% of the population has a high school degree or higher and 51.6% has a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Fort Collins is Rich in Recreational Opportunities & Has Great Weather

Fort Collins was named One of Ten New American Dream Towns by Outside Magazine.

The city boasts over 44 public parks, five public golf courses, three swimming pools, an ice skating center, a 50-mile recreational trail system, and over 3,500 acres of preserved open space/natural areas. Camping, hiking, snow boarding, skiing, rafting, fishing, and water skiing are all within a short drive. Fort Collins, with an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, low humidity, and moderate winters, enjoys a mild climate year-round.

Fort Collins is a Hotbed of Research & Development

Fort Collins was also named one of Fast Company magazine’s 30 “Fast Cities 2007” worldwide. The magazine named Fort Collins one of three cities worldwide as a research-and-development “hot spot” because the community generates 11.45 patents per year for every 10,000 people, nearly four times the U.S. city average.