Terrance Bishop (BME+CBE, ’17), Morgan Leatherland (BME+MECH, ’17), Ash Mathew (BME+EE, ’18), Hannah Mikelson (BME+MECH, ’18), Evan Siebenmorgen (BME+MECH, ’16), and Jillian Sirkis (MS, Bioengineering, ’18) are CSU biomedical engineering or bioengineering alumni with a common commitment. They are inaugural members of the new SBME Alumni Leadership Council.


The CSU BME Alumni Leadership Council (ALC) will positively impact the CSU SBME program by supporting the students, providing feedback to the CSU SBME program, creating and fostering an inclusive alumni community, and increasing the prominence of the CSU SBME program.


Alumni Connection: includes activities such as networking, alumni events, mentoring program(s), and financial support.

Student Connection: includes activities such as collective wisdom sharing, best practices sharing, interview assistance, and mentoring program(s).

Industry Partnership: includes activities that increase the prominence of the CSU SBME program in industry, such as corporate partnerships, internship programs, undergraduate and graduate research/project partnerships, and industry networking events.


SBME Alumni Leadership Council members must demonstrate all of the characteristics of a distinguished CSU SBME alumni:
• Ram Pride
• Desire to serve the CSU and SBME community
• Highly developed and effective communication skills
• Creative spirit, sense of pioneering, and ability to have fun in a professional environment
• Comfortable interacting with varied and diverse audiences
• Ability to honor required time commitments

Application Requirements

• BME undergraduate or graduate alumni who are at least one year post-graduation
• Minimum of one year work experience post-graduation (inclusive of professional and research experience)
• Dedicate a minimum of 25 hours per year towards the ALC (includes a minimum of three quarterly video conferencing meetings and one in-person meeting to take place in Fort Collins)
• Ability to serve a two-year term
• Complete an interview with the SBME Industry Advisory Board and ALC Leadership Team members
• Serve on one of the three committees (Alumni Connection, Student Connection, Industry Partnership)

If you are interested in becoming a member of the ALC please read and complete the following application. Applications must be submitted by Saturday, August 22, 2020 for full consideration for the 2020-22 term. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered for the following term.

ALC Membership Application

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