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Jeff Samson
Jeff Samson, M.I.D., Boulder iQ (formerly Samson Design Associates, Inc.)​

Jeff Samson, formerly the president of Samson Design Associates, Inc., recently merged his company with Boulder BioMed to form Boulder iQ, an expert contract consulting firm offering product development design and complete medical device quality and regulatory services. His professional interest is centered on biomedical engineering, not only commercializing emerging technology, but developing the intuitive human interface for medical devices. 

In addition to his corporate and consulting research and development experience, Samson served on the faculty at Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Colorado, and University of North Carolina. He serves on several design and corporate advisory boards, has hosted a radio program on advanced materials and technology, and facilitated special product innovation sessions nationally. 

Prior to leading a consulting product development firm for over 30 years, early in his career, Samson designed product lines for Fisher Price Toys and created mass transit vehicles under a federal grant. 

He received his Master of Fine Arts in industrial design from Cranbrook Academy of Art and completed post-graduate work in design management at Harvard University.