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Bringing light to engineering

Learn how to harness light and its energy to create high-tech solutions. 

From cancer detection to faster computing, lasers and optics improve today’s world. As a student majoring in electrical engineering with laser and optics, you will learn from faculty at the forefront of innovation.

We are part of LaserNetUS, a network of facilities operating high-power lasers.  You will have access to cutting-edge tools such as the ALEPH laser, one of the world’s most intense lasers developed at CSU. 

LaserNetUS Map
“This is our tool, like a carpenter has a hammer,” Professor Rocca said as he showed Senator Michael Bennet how the laser beam gets amplified as it passes through various crystals. “This is our hammer.”

Concentration Highlights

You will learn: This concentration offers you a foundation in electrical engineering with specialized training in lasers and photonics. You will learn how lasers enable technologies of the future, from advanced medical devices to fiber optics for global communications.

Real-world examples of lasers and optics: Potential applications range from emissions and environmental monitoring to improved cancer detection to dramatically efficient computing. 

Career opportunities: The future is bright for laser science – an industry that is thriving in our state. Many Colorado photonics technologies companies offer internships that lead to employment opportunities. 

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