BME E-Days Award Winners



Engineering Days (E-Days) provides undergraduate engineering students an opportunity to showcase their completed senior design projects to faculty, family, industry representatives, and peers. The capstone senior design project teaches students how to succeed in a well-integrated interdisciplinary engineering design environment and allows students to develop practical, hands-on skills.

On April 19, 2019, members of the SBME Advisory Board and guest industry members served as judges and provided three biomedical engineering teams with cash awards at E-Days. Judging criteria included presentation, appearance, technical content, creativity, and overall impression.

First Place: Smart Bandage (Advisor: Christie Peebles)
Team: Ryan Boudreau (BME/CBE), Kelli Corrigan (BME/ME), Tyler Daniel (BME/CBE), Jacob Grady (BME/CBE), Neil Rettedal (Microbiology)

Second Place: Sensor Technology for enhanced Prosthesis Production (Advisor: Steve Simske) Team: Jackie Foss (BME/ME), Luis Monterrosa Zavaleta (BME/ME), Tyler Parker (BME/ME), Dolly Ricapor (BME/ME), Grant Wulf (BME/EE)

Third Place: Cell Separations (Sponsor: Terumo BCT)
Team: Ashley Marcolina (BME/ME), Ryan Rykhus (BME/ME), Rachel Von Seggern (BME/CBE)