Case Study: CSU Hydraulics Lab Video


Author and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering communicator Jayme DeLoss approached our team with a suggestion to create a new video for her Engineering Source article, “CSU civil engineers build model to test design for $900M California dam project.” 

We worked together with Jayme to take a video clip that she took of the CSU Hydraulic Lab and created a video for both the article and future social media use.

With her help, we made a video appropriate to the story and one that we can use to promote the department, lab, and college through various means.


  • Determine if video was usable:
    • Jayme had commented that it may be too short at 20 seconds and that it might be too shaky.
    • Make sure that resolution and content were appropriate.
  • Recommendations and approvals for content
    • Adding correct unit mark to beginning and end
    • Adding messaging before the clip to give context and pique interest
    • Determining appropriate placement in social media, website, and originating article
  • Determine if deadlines and work load were appropriate


  • Existing Assets
    • Department of Civil and Environmental logo/mark file (EPS)
    • Video clip (mp4)
  • To be created/edited
    • Text screen(s); After Effects
    • Logo/mark screen(s): After Effects
    • Overall video work: Premiere Pro

With similar, prior projects completed, creating the assets in Adobe After Effects was straightforward. The initial video clip needed no editing, with good ambient sound and clear video. Combining After Effects clips and video in Premiere was also straightforward. 


Result and review

Proof files were sent to Jayme and Emily for editing and commentary. After minor changes, the video was uploaded to the college YouTube account and added to the Source story.

Both the college and the department can use the new video to promote a fun, hands-on lab environment at CSU. It is short enough for social media, and a video we can use with potential students, faculty, and partners.