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Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Concentration

Innovating solutions to support humanity's ascent to the stars

Aerospace engineering is a broad and dynamic field that centers on the design, construction, and science behind aircraft and spacecraft. Intended for undergraduate electrical engineering majors, the aerospace concentration offers students an electrical engineering degree foundation and specialized training in the aerospace discipline. As an electrical engineering student concentrating in aerospace, you will experience first-hand the necessity of your major in innovating new solutions to support humanity’s ascent to the stars.

Five questions with Robert Beauchamp, member of NASA's Perseverance mission team

A message from Tony Bruno, CEO of United Launch Alliance


Aerospace engineering coursework focuses on applications of key electrical engineering principles in the areas of deep-space communications, robotics, embedded systems, flight avionics, and more. These courses will enable and encourage students to solve complex engineering problems in aerospace such as improved satellite communications, electric propulsion technologies, and remote sensing methods.

Earn an undergraduate concentration in aerospace engineering when you complete 12 credit hours (four technical electives) of approved coursework.

Out-of-this-World Opportunities


Median salary of Aerospace Engineers in 2020 - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Many Colorado aerospace companies offer internships that lead to fruitful employment opportunities. Read industry profiles below. 

 The SEDS | CSU chapter is focused on preparing students for a career within the aerospace industry by fostering product development, proposal writing/evaluation, risk management, and other industry-relevant skills.

Aerospace Engineering Research

The Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering brings together a collaborative aerospace ecosystem of researchers, faculty, staff, and industry partners. Spanning three departments, our well-rounded academic and research programs offer students a hands-on, applied education. Whether it’s deep-space communication, autonomous UAVs, robotics, or using and calibrating sophisticated sensors, your passion for aerospace has a home at CSU.

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